Update: "Guidance for Moving between OPM Investigative Products"?

Is there an updated version of this chart now that the tiered system is in place?

Federal Investigative Notice 12-01


This is the latest: https://www.cdse.edu/documents/cdse/federal-investigative-standards-crosswalk-guide.pdf

Here is a screenshot.

Thank you, Marko, but that doesn’t seem to be the same thing. The FIN I posted is like a reciprocity guide. It shows whether or not an investigation satisfies the requirements for other types of investigations.

Does such a thing exists with the current tiers?

oh wow… a blast from the past.
And an obsolete chart since the major program changes since 2012.

An explanation - there used to be numerous types of investigations and they did not line up. Around 2004ish, the powers to be revamped the SSBI so the completed investigation would meet the DoD, DoE, etc standards. There was no longer different SSBI for TS, TS/SCI, and Qs. There were two different types of investigations for the DoD Secret! One for uniformed military and another for civilians.

I won’t even start on the numerous Public Trust investigations. The investigations evolved into the five tiers we have now, and perhaps in the future, only three types of investigations. The 2012 program changes started forcing agencies to use standardized investigation products instead of the menu system previously in place.

The chart you found was a guidance/bridge towards the current program.

Most of those products are “obsolete” such as the SSBI, SSBI-PR, PTSBI, and all of the public trust investigation types. If people move up or change positions and their last investigation was anything on that chart — they very likely will need a new investigation.

The ANACI and NACLCs could still be in scope, if active, only because they used to have 10 year periodic re-investigations and they may not have “expired” yet.

DISCLAIMER: this is a very simplistic explanation for a complex subject and IS NOT policy.

If you read all of the columns across it is the same thing.

On the outdated FIN - I was interested in the row showing “NACLC/ANACI on any form” not meeting the requirements for an “MBI on SF85P”.

Or in modern speak that would be a Tier 3 not meeting the requirements for a Tier 2.
However, back then i believe the Tier 2 mandated a subject interview.
Would that be the reason?

Its my understanding that with the current system, a Tier 3 generally satisfies the requirements for a Tier 2?