SSBI vs. MBI Question

I am about to complete an SSBI with my current employer for a TS clearance. If I take a job that requires a Public Trust MBI, would I have to do a whole new investigation and an SF-86p since I already completed an SF-86 and SSBI for a TS that is not adjudicated yet?

Please use correct terminology: SSBI = Tier 5; MBI = Tier 2. This change has been in effect for three years now. If you have a closed Tier 5 that was not adjudicated due to Loss of Jurisdiction then the Agency that is requiring the Tier 2 can request a copy of the Tier 5 and adjudicate it for public trust.

What if my Tier 5 BI is still pending and not closed? Could the agency doing the Tier 2 still use the Tier 5 investigation? OPM/NBIB is doing my Tier 5 and ATF would be doing my Public Trust.

A lower level investigation cannot be submitted if a T5 is still in progress. The ATF would have to wait for the T5 to close and request a copy of it if it does not get adjudicated.

I actually don’t know what type of investigation the ATF contractor will be doing. The recruiter told me that they will run a criminal history check, fingerprints, and drug screen. After which I would fill out the forms and then it’s all sent to ATF for determination. I do know it’s some type of Public Trust.