Update on my investigation

So I was called in for another polygraph and I passed; a week or so later my investigator called me for info on how to contact a few people and questions to tie up loose ends… I gave him everything I could. I still wonder if I’ll be okay and be cleared. As for now I’m playing the waiting game for a response from my employer or whoever is supposed to email me next. What do you guys think?

question on polygraph appointments:
are these usually within the state you are in? or you have to travel far for it?

For positions within the intel community (IC) almost certainly in the DC-MD-VA area for the initial poly. I think they are so swamped it is more efficient to bring applicants to the examiners rather than the other way around. Federal law enforcement, I have no idea.

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They’re within the state and how far they are just depends on where you live.

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