Use of Foreign Passport

Using your foreign passport while possessing a security clearance is waving a red flag during your investigation. The requirement now if for all passports, foreign and US, be reviewed if there is multiple citizenships, naturalization, or similar standings that imply you still have a foreign passport.

You really need to speak to your security officer, anyone in your security office who is knowledgeable about your program, about your use of multiple passports…

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I am an FSO and SEAD 4 changed the rules regarding foreign passports. We No longer can ask you to surrender your passport or renounce your foreign citizenship. You cannot travel from the US or into the US with your foreign passport, but you can use it while you are out of the country. I personally find us terribly problematic, and anyone with the foreign passport will likely undergo a great deal of scrutiny during their investigations.

I have serious concerns about this as well . . . I wouldn’t want to be the cleared person who needs to explain why I traveled to the UK on my US passport and then flew to turkey using another. I find it difficult to understand why someone with dual passports can even get cleared in the first place.

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I am recently cleared and unknowingly used my foreign passport for native country visit. I had no intention to do so since they returned the passport to me.

I am very worried about losing my clearance because of this incidence !!! I have reported beforehand my travel to FSO, but we did not talk about passport thing.

Marwan . . . You keep telling us that you reported your travel before hand . . . That doesn’t mitigate the use of your native passport. The fact that you did so “unknowingly” isn’t much mitigation because you are supposed to know (it seems pretty obvious to me). Perhaps, your company shares some blame if they didn’t make it perfectly clear that you should not use a non-US passport for travel. But, ultimately, YOU are still responsible.

If you have not reported this to your FSO, you are making matters worse.


@marwanfrance as previously discussed, you won’t lose your clearance but you will have an Incident Report entered against you in JPAS. Read the entire thread. What questions do you have?

The OP has created another thread where he says that he was fired by his employer and has been flagged in JPAS.

I suspect that the remainder of this conversation should be moved over there.

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Apparently they took the situation as seriously as we thought. Which, though bad for Marwan, is good for us in it validates what we thought. I completely agree with the old way of renouncing citizenship, collecting foreign passport. It makes it too easy to maintain, establish or re-establish loyalty to the home country.

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