Very Old Police Record

I had a DUI back in 95 which I disclosed in my original clearance app 10 years ago and again recently for my renewal. When I got DUI, they put on my ticket I was born in 74 but was actually born in 76. The state then issued me an ID with the 74 date. I was then arrested in 97 for having this real fake ID which case was dismissed do to state error. I disclosed this arrest as well but did not remember circumstances of how I obtained the ID from the DUI when asked by the investigator. If it was the states fault, the case was thrown out, and i diclosed both the arrests will it go against me in renewal if they track it back to DUI and I did not tell that info up to investigator?

Those issues are out of scope as long as there is no recent similar behavior. If the question comes up in the security interview you should just explain the circumstances to the investigator and offer the court disposition documents as proof.