Waiting on Adjudication - Will a Performance improvement plan disqualify?

Hi, I left my former employer last year by giving two weeks notice. I was put on a Performance improvement plan during a organizational change. Several others were also put on a “plan” and later fired. I did everything they asked. I decided that it was not going to get better no matter what I did and gave two weeks notice and took a job at as a federal contractor. After the first week of my two week notice, the company had me “leave early.” The CIO said I was being “hateful.” When people asked why I was leaving, I said nothing more than the truth. I was not derogatory or demeaning. I still love that company and associate with alot of the employees. On my SF-85 I did not put that I left under “unfavorable” circumstances because I gave two weeks notice and although I had a PIP, it was stated by my manager that the “communication issues” were improved.
The investigator that is local to me interviewed the COO and another employee at the location I worked at. The CIO was located at another location. I have good reason to believe they gave me a good review.

During the initial investigation I told her about the performance improvement plan, and the situation. Told her I did not believe I left under unfavorable circumstances and did not mark it as such as I gave 2 weeks notice.
The investigator came back and stated that that during the interview with management at the CA location they said I was “causing dissension and discord.” This was the first I had heard of those words. I again explained the situation to the investigator. She seemed very favorable towards me when I explained the situation. She said she would fill out the report and send it to adjudication.

The second interview occurred almost a month ago. Will this affect me in getting clearance? I never had any issues in my past with employment. The wait is killing me.

A PIP is not a factor in adjudication of an investigation. There may however, be the appearance of a lack of candor on your part if contradictory information is discovered about the reason why you left the employment. If this is an isolated incident and misconduct was not involved then it should be resolved favorably, but it will depend on the what is in the report of investigation.

Thank you for your response. Recently spoke with the COO and know that he gave me a good review. There was no misconduct. I left after 7 months after the PIP was presented to me. So I do have hope! Thanks again!

Adjudication completed favorably! Filed SF85 for public trust on 2/28. Completed 8/25.
I hope those that are going through this receive hope from my situation.