Wanting to be fired?

We have an employee that keeps going around stating he wants to be fired. He is lazy and refuses to work, but management turns a blind eye and allows him to be a lazy person. In addition to him being lazy he wants to be fired so he can sue the company and get paid.

My thought was if enough people confirm that he is in fact wanting to be fired, could that be considered a security risk enough to have his clearance revoked.

If he gets fired for cause he’s not going to get paid like he thinks he will lol he’s gonna find out!

That’s an insider threat right there


I will definitely put together a case of insider threat against him.

Starting with attempted fraud intentionally trying to get fired in order to sue. Followed with attempted financial gains from the money he would have been paid if he was successful.

Please chime in with anything else i can slap on this case.

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I’ve heard of people wanting to get laid off in order to get severance pay, but this guy wants to get fired?

And what does he expect to cite as the basis for his lawsuit?

As far as this being a security concern, I don’t see it. Not unless he plans to commit some kind of security infraction as part of his lunatic scheme.

Wanting to get fired and stating he wants to get paid thru a lawsuit = corruption. Corruption is one form of insider threat.

  • Intentional Threats - Intentional threats are actions taken to harm an organization for personal benefit or to act on a personal grievance. The intentional insider is often synonymously referenced as a “malicious insider.” The motivation is personal gain or harming the organization. For example, many insiders are motivated to “get even” due to unmet expectations related to a lack of recognition (e.g., promotion, bonuses, desirable travel) or even termination. Their actions include leaking sensitive information, harassing associates, sabotaging equipment, or perpetrating violence. Others have stolen proprietary data or intellectual property in the false hope of advancing their careers.

He wants to harm the organization through his personal financial gains.