Was put in for a secret, instead I got my Top Secret. Is that normal?

Hi, I worked for a company that put in for me to get a TS. After a year and a half, I then left the company. My TS was still being investigated. I applied for a job that requires a Secret clearance, they put me in for a secret clearance. I got word back today, that I was given my TOP SECRET clearance. At first, I thought it was a mistake. Then I read the SF312 I was given. It definitely says Top Secret. So, now I’m wondering does this thing happen, or was it a clerical mix up? Or did the government just say, “He has a active investigation use that and grant him his TS clearance.”? I keep thinking it’s a clerical mistake. Has this happened before?

Sounds like some wires got crossed at some point.

If your current position does not require the TS, I wonder if they will administratively downgrade it to a secret. In days of yore, this would not have been a problem (letting you keep a TS when all you really need is S) but everything seems to be tightening up more these days.

I asked my recruiter and the fso. They both said different things. The recruiter said it was luck. I believe the FSO. He said that because i had a TS investigation that had been adjudicated, i just left the company that put the clearance in for me. Their was no need to let me know since i was not with that company. The company that hired me now, put in a whole new packet. The FSO was then notified that they had already adjudicated my TS, and it has been granted. I just quit the company that sponsored me, before that company got the email. So they put my secret packet in and it was returned with a top secret clearance. He did say it might be pulled down to a secret if they can’t get TS work. But, officially, your TS is officially on the books.

Yeah they don’t do this instantly but from time to time the message comes down to do a scrub and even then the company can claim that they might be getting TS work soon… at least that’s the way it worked a few years ago when I worked at a place where many people had TS ‘access’ but there were very few jobs requiring it (that is, just the TS without SCI).