What determines how long adjudication will take?

@bness2020 Unfortunately (not really though if you get me) I have an ex-wife and kids in a FVEY country with lots of foreign travel and foreign contacts. No adversarial countries or anything, all people in-country, but it’s still going to hold me up…or is holding me up.

Honestly I was also surprised they didn’t rescind the offer. What ended up happening is that the position I originally was offering became unavailable by the time my clearance was granted. Luckily there was another one that was similar in the pipeline that they were able to slot me in for because it took so long and my experience was too valuable to them. I hated the wait and no responses. Once I finally got a call then the ball started rolling a bit faster. I believe at the time there was still a major backlog in cases so I guess the fact that it took so long made sense. My FSO told me that they loose a lot of contracts or good candidates because people can’t afford to put there life and families security on hold because they have to wait two years. It opens up a world of opportunities though. A week after I got granted a TS I was being contacted by recruiters left and right so I think there is something in the system that shows you with a clearance. Idk I may be wrong just a thought.

Companies do not pay for BI’s, Uncle Sam does

I just received word from my FSO that my secret clearance for a defense aerospace contractor was granted. It took a total 151 days from when I submitted my EQIP.

Conditional Job Offer - 11/2/20

Fingerprints - 11/10/20

EQIP - Submitted - 11/24/20

Credit Pulled - 2/17/21

Current Employer Contacted - 2/26/21

Subject Interview - 3/16/21

Reference 1 Contacted - 3/18/21

Reference 2 Contacted - 3/19/21

Received note from my FSO that my Clearance granted - 4/4/21


Not the fastest, but under six months so that is pretty quick. Also note that the investigation was still underway as of 3/19; it probably took about a week after that to get wrapped up and sent to adjudications, meaning adjudication took two weeks or less. You may be able to get an exact date when your investigation completed from your FSO if they have access to DISS/JPAS.