What happens if a suspended clearance expires? (2 years inactive)

I recently got my S clearance suspended, and of course my company released me from JPAS when they let me go. I found some work in non-cleared positions, but I am afraid if I dont find a company with the ability to pick up my clearance I may have greater issues if it is inactive for too long. What can I expect if this occurs?

You get back through the process.

Comp is correct. If a company wanted you they simply submit as an initial. I would expect you to show as not eligible for crossover…which means something must be adjudicated and you get the chance to put all that in writing.

If your clearance has been suspended, I suspect that you will have problems getting anyone to pick it up. You were suspended for a reason and that reason needs to be addressed before your clearance can be restored. Even if you find a company next week that wants to pick you up, you could be looking at two years to get your clearance restored, depending on the cause of the suspension.

Ok, thank you for that info. I actually just spoke with a company that says they are willing to work with me, but I will be working elsewhere while it gets worked on. I figured it would be at least 8 months to a year, but two years is unfortunate. Better late than never though.