What happens if my current supervisor does not fill out the DoD questionaire?

My current supervisor received a questionnaire about me in the mail for my DoD secret clearance. He said he reached out to the corporate HR office for my company, and apparently our legal department told him not to fill out the questionnaire for whatever reason. He said he would be more than happy to fill it out, but does not want to get in trouble with the company by doing so.

How will this typically effect the clearance process? Does this add a significant delay if he does not return the questionnaire? I know the investigators will have to verify my current employment at my company. Is this the main method used to verify employment, or are there other methods used? The main concern I have is that this will add a significant delay to my investigation.

Delay yes, significant no.


Not a big deal. Just make sure he actually returns it with an explanation saying he can’t complete it due to being prohibited by company policy. That will help you out way more than just ignoring it.


Unfortunately he has decided to just keep the questionnaire in his office desk and will not be sending it back incase “HR ever comes back to me and asks for the form”. Not a lot I can do to convince him to send anything in, regardless if it’s filled out or not.

I’ve already had my interview with my investigator a couple of weeks ago. Should I reach back out by email and let her know this information? My boss said “if an investigator calls me, I’ll be more than happy to talk”. He is just paranoid of getting fired for doing anything with the physical paper questionnaire.

No, just let it go. A DCSA person may end up calling your boss for a phone interview if the form is not returned, but that is out of your control.


Sounds good, your help is much appreciated.

  1. The supervisor could choose to send a copy back with an explanation for not completing it, and have the original on hand in case HR asks for it later.

  2. The supervisor could seek HR permission to return the form with an explanation regarding why it has not been completed.

  3. More than one of the companies I have worked for in the past were out business when I completed my SF-86 so those employers definitely didn’t complete forms on my previous employment, but I still got my clearance.