What happens to your clearance when you retire from the military?

I retired 1 October 2019; at the time of read off I had a TS / SCI that has been re adjudicated in 2017/2018. I’ve not been in the business since however I would like to potentially re enter. What’s up with my clearance now? Do I have options?

Thank you
VR Dave E

You are beyond the two year mark which is usually the period of time when it is easier to reinstate an existing clearance, and so you will most likely have to start all over again. Many companies these days will not want to deal with this, as they want to get people on the job as soon as possible.

Some places will be willing to sponsor you for a new investigation, particularly if they have unclassified work for you. I have heard of some people getting a Secret clearance reinstated in a situation like this but it has been a while.

My two cents and I’m afraid that’s not adjusted for inflation :slight_smile:

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