What is a cohabitant in the sf86?

Is a cohabitant a person you live who you are romantically involved with?

Cohabitant is anyone you live with in a spouse like relationship.

For this question, you should ask your agency’s security officer. For some agencies, this question includes roommates or anyone that you are sharing living spaces. For some other agencies, this question includes only significant others…

My client defines it gender neutral, romantic involvement, shared domicile. Initially this caused same sex partners a high level of anxiety. But I can tell you…nobody cares. At least legally. If you have that relationship, so be it, declare it and move forward. A room-mate for saving money is not a cohabitant. The idea here is the level of intimacy and shared knowledge. Spouses and spouse like relationships are treated different legally than simple friend. They tend to know us on a deeper, more personal level. That can be good…that can be bad.

Cohabitant - yes or no.
Living in the same house/household, not married to each other, have sexual relations/spouse like relationship, non relative – yes

Living in the same house/household, not married to each other, no sex/spouse like relationship (even if it seems like it sometimes) – no - list as residence verifier or “Those who know you well”.

Living in same house/household, married to each other, whether or not you are having sex --no (report as your spouse).

Not living in the same house/household, not married to each other, having sex – no, list under “Those who know you well”.

Do not list your mother, underage sisters as your cohabitants unless you want to explain to an investigator why you are having sex with your mom and underage sisters – when you weren’t. (yes - I had to confront a young male trying to join the military about this entry…)

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