What is IT2 secret clearance? is it a Interim clearance?

I got IT2 clearance cleared. Is it a interim clearance? If not how long it will take to get interim clearance?
My application has been submitted in Feb2016, had interview in Feb2016. I changed couple of projects as my contracts has been completed. Now I am in different contract, they needed only IT2 clearance. But my previous company has been applied for interim clearance. Is that still continue?

I am very new to these clearance levels. Please advise.


Never heard of it. Is this for a contract with the Federal government? If so, do you know what agency?

I have some vague recollection of security requirements associated with computer folks, systems administrators… stuff like that. Are you an IT professional?

It is a type of secret clearance for IT professionals. I am currently waiting on IT-1