What next either way?

I received TO in March 2016. I submitted SF 86 April 2016. End of April HR advised that I was cleared to start preparing. Then, HR retracted. I waited until October 2016 for first meeting with investigator. I received another visit around summer 2017 because someone lied about me and had to investigate further. I received ITD in October 2018, I appealed and submitted paperwork in February 2019. I received Favorable adjudication in February 2020.

Security clearance officer advised to wait for official offer to come from HR because they have been advised.

It’s been more than 2 weeks now. I contacted HR, never a single word at least to inform me of the current position. Yes / No will be enough.

Anyone else with similar experiences?

I have no idea about the exact details of your situation, but in many cases, once HR gets the word from security that you are good to go, it takes them some time to finalize all the details associated with the final offer. And HR works in their own mysterious ways, according to their own timeline.

Two weeks wait is not at all unusual. Over four, I’d start to get concerned, especially if they dont contact you at all in the meantime.

Thank you for the reply. I guess this is a timing to receive definite decision. 4 years is really a long term wait for a job.

Four years is a long time for them to wait as well. It’s not like they had all of your paperwork ready for you to walk through the door. The role that you were originally offered may have been filled and they are looking at other billets, it could be a hundred different things both good and bad.

But, this is an HR issue, not a clearance issue at this point.