Whats the secret?

Good day,

So, here is the deal… I’m a highly technical person, working in a public trust position (moderate), whom holds no security clearance. I’ve been doing public service work for around 2 years now, serving a handful of agencies in 1 capacity or another. So it seems one could be considered fit / suitable and has potential to enter into more challenging / rewarding work.

Apart from the usajobs site… where else can one look? I saw the IC had a web based digital recruitment thing back in october 2017 but it appears I missed it (:frowning:) . All conferences that I see on the web are for cleared individuals, etc… so my question is… do any of you know of any upcoming conferences? Are there some recurring ones that I’m not familiar with? Would living in the DC Metro area help in my efforts to work for the gov in my desired capacity?


NSA, CIA, and FBI have their own jobs sites. DIA and NGA will post jobs on USAJobs but you have to go to the agency’s own site to apply. I think the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) lists their jobs separately as well.

If you apply to any of those, don’t quit your job just yet because it can take a long, long time to get hired.

I applied to one of those but its been way over 45 days (been like 5 or 6 months), so I imagine its a no go for that opportunity… however since applying I’ve earned a couple of new industry certifications and my salary has increased by 30%. I also didn’t attach the cover letter. I was hoping to reapply, since so much has changed… but the account I used is still active and when I login it still says:

"Your application will be reviewed against our current requirements. This process usually takes 45 days; however, due to the high volume of applications we receive, review times may vary.

If you are selected for advancement to the next stage of our assessment process, you will be contacted by a recruiting representative.

Thank you for your interest and patience during the processing of your application."

Apart from online do you know of any in person conferences?

You looked at the clearance jobs website? Its great if you have prior experience. I received my job offer from a competitor doing entry level work. I am not at liberty to say which company since we cannot endorse or hint. Just do a search for clearance jobs.

45 days is a low number when you apply for a government job. Sometimes it can could be 6 months to a year before you hear back.

I’m familiar with that agency you mentioned and, I’m sorry to say, usually pretty quick in reaching out. In my case, it was about a week or so after I submitted my application. That being said, they do keep your application on file for a year and may match you up against another opening. Since they keep your application active for a year though, you might need to wait a year before you apply again with all your updated certs.

As mentioned above, go directly to their websites and search career opportunities. NGA and NSA have a combined website for jobs but CIA, DIA, and ODNI have stand alone sites that are pretty much updated daily.

A friend of mine took an NTE position with one agency just to get her foot in the door and see if it was work that she wanted to do. A lot of people are hesitant to take a NTE position since future employment isn’t guaranteed but it is an option. She was happy with her decision and converted over to a regular employee less than a year after EOD.

Well, it is what it is as they say. This time next year I will probably have priced myself out of the running. This point its more of a lifestyle choice to work for one these places. I applied to 1 position, and its the only 1 I would really want to work. Else, it would just be taking 3 steps back salary and duty wise.