Who actually "owns" the security clearance

I recently accepted a job with government contractor A. The job was in direct support of agency B – a large military 4 star headquarters.

So my company submits an application for a cac card to get thinks started, and apparently, a different government agency “owned” the security part of the contract, so the request went through them, and because I had my clearance revoked 5+ years ago, they refused to process the request, even though my company was ok with that. And yes, I was let go, 3 months into what really was my “dream job”.

Can anyone shed light on the arrangement of the security side of the house? Is the way this is laid out normal? Do I have any avenues to address this? Or am I just sunk.

Thanks in advance

So the company was okay you had a revocation…but they released you? Sounds like they were not okay, and had no unclassified stuff for you to work on. Can you tell us why you were revoked, and if so did you speak to this on the new SF86? Time can mitigate most items, and 5 years can cover a lot of sins. Some cannot be covered, and you also have financial issues, it compounds the problem.

Your company has nothing to do with the clearance process. The government agency that you will be working with is who actually makes the decision on who gets cleared and who doesn’t. Your company may have believed that they could get you cleared with a revocation. But, it sounds like the government has a problem with it.

Knowing why you were revoked might be some help but there’s not a lot that can be done.


Never made it to the SF86 phase. Gov agency said they reviewed my file and decided it wasn’t going to pursue a cac card, much less a clearance.

Is there a way to IM or send private messages in this system? If there is, I can’t find it.