Who can get access to Scattered Castles?

What are the qualifications to get access to Scattered Castles? What role, clearance requirements, etc. is needed. What is the process for requesting access? Thank you!

That’s a lot of questions you are asking about a sensitive repository. You will raise eyebrows and receive more questions than answers.

Why do you need to know all of that information?


You would need a clearance and a job with the need to access SC. A government agency would have to request your access based on that need for access. You cannot request access (even if you work for the government). There are several security-related positions with access. There is further information that I will not share because you do not have the need to know. Perhaps, someone else here will feel comfortable sharing more detailed info.

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Because as a DOD FSO, I run into situations with potential candidates all the time that are not in JPAS (now DISS) but claim to have a clearance in Scattered Castles. Our company’s COO has been asking me for years why I can’t get access to Scattered Castles to be able to look up this information. I’ve told him that my understanding is that to have access you must be a government PM with SCI and a nomination form must be completed by the Command’s SSO/SIO and emailed to the SCI Policy Office for action.

I’m looking for something tangible to tell him.

Laurie Koetting

If you look at the bottom of this page you will find the contact info for the SC help desk.


Thank you. One of the first things I tried was emailing the SC help desk at the email address listed. It bounced back as invalid. I’ll try the phone#.


I’ve worked at a couple of companies with SCI contracts and none of the security people ever had access to Scattered Castles. The government POC always made those checks. Just throwing in a data point.