JPAS and Scattered Castles Question

Can an adjudicator from DoDCAF look up a previous background check/poly results from IC agencies like CIA or NSA? I have read that only IC adjudicators have access to Scattered Castles, and DoD adjudicators only have access to JPAS.

Incorrect, all agencies can request their security personnel to have read access only to SC to view clearance data as long as they meet the clearance requirement. However, an adjudicator does not need access to SC, rather the security personnel on the front end of clearance processing or Special Security Officers who manage SCI info are the ones that need it.

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I dont see why you would be barred based on the history you’ve given here.

Loss of Jurisdiction should not be a problem. Of course you’d have to start from scratch with a new investigation but I don’t see where there should be an issue.

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