Who sees my clearance requests?

I recently started working with company A, they have pulled me and my clearance into their system and can submit me for visitors requests. I got a job offer from company B contingent on the same thing and an additional screening. The screening takes about 5 months and if the additional screening falls through for some reason I don’t want to burn the bridge with company A.

My question is, if company B does their thing will company A see that action? Will any future visitor requests be affected by that or show up on company A’s system?

I don’t think Company A will see anything, but if this “screening” involves an investigator wanting to talk to your current employer, that might give it away.

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I don’t think they will require that, but company B knows I’m working for A. Thanks for the reply, and hopefully you’re right!

Disclaimer: I am an investigator and do not handle information from the agency side of the equation. With that said, I believe the company would be able to see the clearance request. The reason I say this, I had a subject who was in the hiring process for a major defense contractor company (company B) but presently worked for a subcontracted company A. Subject intended to work at company A until officially starting at company B but as soon as company B ordered the investigation, company A was able to see it in the system and told Subject he needed to resign to avoid any conflict of interests. I have not personally seen how this all looks from the employer side of things but this is what I was told. Hope this is helpful.

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I was thinking doing the same :grinning: