Why is it taking so long

I have been ithe clearance pipeline for over three years. I never got an interim clearance.
Just this year I set down with a therapist who did my third interview. It was supposed to be just about mental health but it ended up being wide ranging.
The discussion was primarily about my wife who is Peruvian. Which I had married before I retired from the Navy honorably.
My question is why would it take so long and can this investigation go on forever?

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My first clearance application took 4 years and they didn’t even conduct BI. Now it’s taking over 2 years. Why is it taking too long? Bcs they can!

Because you’re not the only one being processed and priorities change daily and it’s a numbers game in the end. It is what it is.

Do people drop the ball during processing? Of course; they’re humans. It’s rare, though.

It always takes as long as it takes.

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