Why will they not tell me why I was denied?

I currently held a DOJ and a DOD public trust when I applied for a contractor position with the court system.

The only change to my background was that I received a trespassing misdemeanor in July of 2016 which I disclosed. I even pulled all the court paperwork and gave it to them.

I also told them that I had been arrested for DUI but that it had not gone to court yet and that I knew a 100% of leadwork would come back showing that I had no drugs or alcohol in my system only ambien that was prescribed to me (which it did).

After 3 long months, Waiting for this job to start, They denied my clearance and wouldn’t tell me why.

Recently my truck that broken to and I filed a police report. When I went to pick up a copy of the police report they accidentally gave me the internal copy that shows the officers narrative. In this narrative the officer accuses me of being under the influence of drugs in slurring my words long talking to her, ( Not that she asked me anything about it, And no I wasn’t on medication or drugs, I had severe head trauma year and a 1/2 ago that sometimes causes me to get tongue tied and slur my words now, I’ve had it medically documented, But I’ve never disclose this to please because why would I), Her report continues to attack me. The 2nd sentence claims that I have a history of substance abuse and I’ve been located with narcotics in my possession while driving. I have no criminal record of any narcotics much less of a history of substance abuse. Even if she tried to claim the ambient was me abusing a substance, I think the fact that she refers to it as a history would mean that 1 had to have happened more than once. I’ve only been rested for it once and I can prove I stopped taking it right after. I told I was getting my inner lock taken out soon so she writes in her report that I basically lied about that and I still have 6 months on it. If she were to question me about it I would have explained to her that we are petitioning the court for early removal. The next 2 sentences actually have to do with the break into my car in a state that finger prints weren’t possible although I don’t know why and that a neighbor’s camera didn’t catch it. Its the final sentence, that has me reaching out to a lawyer. She States that she will be contacting my probation officer To make sure I’m in compliance with the terms of my probation from my original charge of DUI and possession of a schedule 1&2 narrcotics. There is never any drugs involved at all. There is no paper trail of me being charged with drugs or having a history of drug abuse. Of course I went back to station and told them I want this report to be updated to correctly reflect what happened and her supervisor agreed with me that the report was wrong.
Today I was told that I wasn’t supposed to get a copy of that original incident report and that they can’t give me an updated copy because its confidential. But where did this officer come up with these crazy ideas I would you let me see my DUI incident report. This is apparently there’s another report out there somewhere the says this stuff at least some of it. Denied confidential.

So I’m not asking for any advice on the situation with these fake charges, I’ll get that resolved. But I find it very interesting that the court system denied my public trust Around roughly the same time that I Excepted the the DUI in court. Is it possible I was denied a public trust clearance because they think I’m a substance abuse user with possession charges that I didn’t disclose? Why are your incident files Confidential in how would I have known about this if I hadn’t accidentally got a copy of The report I filed for my truck being broken into which had nothing to do with her statements. She even called me on the phone, And ask me if I forgot to tell her about the relationship I had with the guy who I thought did it no matter how brief it might have been! No there is no relationship. I dont even know the guy but I saw him take it.

Again I will deal officer Make believe. But since a clearance for the courts, Surely they would have looked up to see if there is an arrest warrant or an outcome for the possession charge. Maybe I’m being naive, even though everything is pointing to the fact that I lost this clearance because Of officers lying on the reports, I can’t actually bring myself to believe it. I am going to file a FOIA request of both my police records and my clearance denial.

What are your thoughts. Is now been a year since I got laid off my contract. Because I got denied that Clarence which was very unexpected, As burned through my savings had to use a part of my 401K, and had to buy my own insurance. One day I passed out in my kitchen, the hospital kept me 5 days And gave me blood transfusions. My insurance refused to pay for any of it, leaving me 30k in debt. I’m dealing with it and I’m not Asking for any opinions on that per say, But I do believe I would not be in this position if I would have gotten my clearance, My $100k salary and my company provided insurance. Is this logic too much of a stretch? It’s been a huge burden, and one year ago I was almost debt free and living on top of the world.

I think that you need to sit back and rewrite this in a coherent fashion. The time frame is very unclear and difficult to follow. You are rambling, there are run on sentences, typos and all sort of other problems that prevent me from really figuring what happened or what you are asking.


You definitely have some challenges listed here. Is it possible each item is mitigated as most stack on a misunderstanding? Yes. Is it probable? Not really. There appear to be gaps, intentional or otherwise in the chain of events. But like Ed I cannot be certain based on the many different situations you allude to. However, if you are currently deep in debt, have even a slight history of arrests on separate issues: trespass, the alleged DUI/Ambien moment…and the police officer speaking to items implying they are somewhat knowledgeable of your history…tells me you have quite a hill to climb in order to get cleared. You can certainly request all the arrest documents and get a lawyer to suss through all of these issues. But I think you have a lot going on needing mitigated before you could possibly clear.

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