Will I be Disqualified? Class A Misdemeanor 1 Yr. Ago

In an unfortunate lapse in judgment, 1 year ago, I was involved in, called law enforcement on myself, charged, and pled guilty to Third Degree Domestic Violence Assault - a Class A Misdemeanor.

  • I attended and completed an Intervention Program as a first-time offender.
  • Subsequently, my case was dismissed with prejudice.
  • ~7 months, later, my record was expunged.
  • I am still participating, indefinitely, in personal therapy.

I still intend to disclose this information on my SF-86 or any other form (depending on the security clearance classification).

Will this disqualify me from receiving a Security Clearance? Any response will certainly help. Thank you for your assistance.

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In my view it would only affect eligibility for a clearance if you are applying for a law enforcement position where carrying a weapon is required.

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What is your update??

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