Will my recent reprimand deny my clearance?

Hello, I got a tentative offer from the USCIS on Feb 28, 2019. They are currently doing my clearance and I finished filling out my sf85p on Mar 15, 2019. My PSA reaached out to me on May 04, 2019 informing me that he will be the one doing my BI and requesting additional information. I am currently employed at the SSA and on April 27, 2019, I was given a reprimand from an incident that happened on February 2, 2019 due to accessing a coworkers social security number. On May 13, 2019, he requested a copy of my official reprimand and an explanation of the incident which I explained that it was an accident and unintentional. I was wondering if this will cause problem or worse comes to worse, will this revoke my tentative offer at the USCIS as a Immigration Assistant? Thank you

Its good that you disclosed this on the SF85p, As long as it one a single one time mistake, you will be fine.

I didnt disclose it because the incident happened while doing the clearance and the reprimand was given after I submitted the sf85p

oops, that is different. When they go over the form they will ask if everything is correct and still the same. You will need to report it then.

If I am not mistaken, the form that you filled out for the public trust position does not ask for this information. Thus, you did not need to disclose.

Will your tentative offer be recinded? Honestly, no idea as this is a public trust position. However, I think you will be fine given that it is not intentional or purposeful (that is my opinion). In the future, read the forms in its entirety and answer accordingly.

Actually the SF85P supplemental form does in fact ask about any reprimands in the last seven years.

really? I didn’t know that. Where can I find the supplemental form? This just for my edification.

Go here: https://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf85ps.pdf

I don’t see anywhere on that form asking about reprimands . . .

Thank you, Marko.

@ipsecmerlin, is this what you were referring to? The Supplemental Questionnaire is silent on reprimands or employment-related activities.

I am referring to the SF85P supplemental with Branching questions.