Will wearing a mask during a polygraph hurt results?

Wondering if wearing a mask during one will hurt results?

Why would you wear a mask?

Hard to see how wearing a mask will influence poly results beyond influencing potential anxiety about your breathing pattern and rate.

But you’re headed into security theater with the poly so why not wear a mask.

Why not? Don’t want to catch a potentially fatal disease.

And like @HARPOON said, it’s all theater. Might as well have a bit of fun

LOL. Fatal disease! Enjoy your mask.

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OP has the freedom of choice to wear a mask. During the poly, I don’t see how it can possibly affect anything. Of note, we have to be kinder to one another.


There have not been any correlations made between wearing a Covid mask and “false” results due to a mask as it relates to the final outcome of the Polygraph. I was not given an option on whether to wear a mask and was even informed to absolutely wear a mask in prior instruction. Everyone else also wore a mask. I will admit it was more uncomfortable to wear a mask for me personally, simply due to not being used to breathing through a mask in that situation unlike previous times without one.

I was not restricted on what type of mask I had to wear, so I would test a few and find the one in which you feel the most comfortable with, especially for your breathing. I believe you might be able to move the mask just below your nose a bit to help with your breathing if you need to. It might be less uncomfortable than you think, best of luck!

The US just passed 1 million deaths. Globally there are 14.9 million excess deaths. So yeah, I think potentially fatal is an appropriate description. Particularly if you’re unvaccinated.


Those numbers are severely over reported. There was financial incentive to label all deaths as covid, especially in America. And if you trust the WHO….well that’s on you.

The vaccines were pushed to make the CEOs rich, along with their investors.

The people I know who have had covid or “died” of covid, were all Vaxxed. The unvaxxed are not getting covid.


The topic is “does masking affect poly results?”

The topic is not your opinion on whether Covid is deadly or to spread Russian-style misinformation talking points.

Stay on topic.


Thanks for the course correction. And like you said above, it’s all security theater, why not at least have some fun?

There is no peer-reviewed research on the effects of masks on polygraph outcomes. However, there is no obvious reason to suppose that wearing a mask would tend to hurt results. Conceivably, if the mask caused pain (for example, muscle tension behind the ears), and that pain occurred more in connection with the relevant questions than with the “control” questions, then that would make failing more likely. But conversely, if such pain were more prominent during the asking of the “control” questions, then that would make the subject’s passing more likely.

The bottom line is that I would not be concerned about wearing a mask during a polygraph session.

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