Working in CHINA!

I currently have a clearance (Trying to upgrade it) but what are the rules on working in China?

As a current clearance holder the first source for the answer to your question is your company FSO or agency SO. China is a designated country and as such, there are restrictions, protocols, and reporting requirements for any cleared personnel to travel or work there.

Is your current employer trying to send you there? Or are you applying for a new position? Does the job in China require a clearance?

I suspect that more information is needed to answer your question . . .

It just at the spur of the moment. It would be an internship.

So . . . You have a clearance and are working? Come on . . . You have to provide some more information here or nobody is going to be able to address anything about your question.

I hold a secret clearance and I am in the process of getting my TS/SCI and I would like to go have some fun in China by taking on some jobs. I am not sure if it is a good idea holding a security clearance to go to China. When I been to China before I didn’t have a clearance.

If you are in the process of getting you TS, you have a company or agency sponsoring you. I would suggest reaching out to the FSO of your sponsor. But, in general, I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere near China while in the process of applying for a clearance.

The CIA Station in Beijing will likely be asked to inspect its criminal, counterintelligence, and security files for derogatory information about your time in China.