Should I get SSBI after already receiving Secret clearence

For context: I just received a secret clearance and started work as a DOD employee. In the future I would like to become a contractor and rake in the big bucks.

While I was waiting for my secret to go through, I was applying for and accepting internships. The latest internship I accepted required TS and I began my Single Scope back in April. This is an 8 week internship, so there is no way I would leave my current position for it. I am just curious if having an SSBI done would give me a leg up in my career over just having the secret? Or can I have a lucrative career with just the secret. I certainly don’t want to subject myself and others to the process unless it nets real value.

It’s also possible that I might not even pass an SSBI as I lived in China long term and currently have a Chinese girlfriend that I met while living there. I also broke a lot of Chinese laws while living in China. Other than that my history is immaculate (no drugs, good credit, always followed American law, etc.) but I imagine the foreign component might make this path not worth it.

If you have left your position that required your TS clearance, you are obligated to tell that to an investigator that would contact you for an interview. At that point, they would discontinue your investigation. Regarding your foreign contacts and most importantly your disregard for foreign laws, it will very much be a part of the adjudication process. If there are any mitigating factors, you can discuss them in your subject interview. In addition, the “foreign component” may cause problems with your current Secret clearance. Check with your security manager about reporting requirements.