Working remotely for DoD

I am an IT consultant, new to the Clearances world.

I am looking to work for a DoD contractors, but I live in a remote location with no desire to move to a place where I can drive to a cleared facility every day for work.

Can anyone tell me – what is the DoD attitude towards remote IT/CYBER workers these days?
Does it vary from agency to agency?

Or, am I way off base here?



I’m not going to pretend to know everything, but from experience, accessing classified information (the reason for a clearance) is generally done in a controlled environment, and they often don’t let you “take it home” with you. For this reason, in my company anyway, working remotely is discouraged.

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I know several cleared individuals who do, as contractors, work remotely. The stipulations of their employment (and their employers’ contract) include they must live within 50 miles of SIPR location.

What you seem to be looking for is a SIPR at home; I will go out on the limb here to say ‘not gonna happen’.

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