Written response verus hearing

I received a letter saying there are concerns on security clearance application. I can submit a written responses of concerns to a manager snd try explain how they are migrated and resolved. Or can ask for a hearing with a DOE judge. Anyone have thoughts or advice. Also anyone know of there is a cost associated with a hearing? I did receive a statement of reasoning of personal conduct.

Face to face hearing is always the best way. The other way is determined by a Board and all they see if your paperwork. DOHA Hearing is at your own expense but your odds are better. You must have all your issues resolved or a solid plan in place with proof of improvement.

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How much does a hearing cost ?

I’ve found the hearings quite fair and willing to lean towards the applicant. I’m amazed at a couple of things. First the amount of prior drug use they are willing to overlook…and the chances to get ALL…emphasis ALL Bill’s into a payment plan. I’m equally amazed how many people go in with say 22 Bill’s in arrears a d they get 5 fixed…forcing the judge to say “You did not do what you were instructed.” Normally that goes against the person.

So you went through a hearing? Was there a cost involved?

Anyone ever been through a hearing ? What s it like? Do you need a security lawyer?

I’ve never gone through it myself but know a couple people who did… also know a couple people who provided only written responses and were successful.

I do not believe there is any cost for the hearing but if you are going to have a hearing, you might as well get a lawyer and that will cost. Also you’ll need to travel to the hearing which is more $$$. But as far as a charge for the hearing itself, I don’t think so.

Keep in mind there’s a hearing and, if need be, an appeal.