3 Letter Agency Timeline while having active clerance

I applied and accepted an offer from a DOD contract under a 3 letter agency back in February. Background check, drug test and updated SF-86 were all green lit at the end of March. My SSO has no idea why everything is taking so long. DISS shows the company “owns” my clearance. I also currently have a part time job in a different building using my TS clearance. Every time I ask, I just get a shrug. Anyone been in a similar position? What’s taking so long?

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Many have been in similar positions and many in situations much stranger than this. What’s taking so long? Could be anything.

There’s a guy who was hired because he looked like he had all the tickets including a current poly. Everyone expected a quick crossover. But it ended up taking nearly a year.

Just one example of the kind of nonsense we can expect.


I finally got words from my SSO that the agency has opened my file and should hopefully be approved by next week.

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