ACCS System offline?

Hello everyone. This is really a question for those of you familiar with the ins and outs of clearances and processing them when a contractor moves to a different job.
BLUF- I lost a job opportunity because a DOD system is broken/inaccesible until further notice.
I recently left a contract working with a DOD agency and was immediately picked up by a company to work a completely different contract at a different site. However, the new company was unable to verify my previous debriefing from the SCI access I had just held with my former company. It turns out a system which I think they referred to as ACCS is offline/down/non-functional and therefore, my records cannot be accessed and verified. Bottom line, the FSO at the DOD agency where I previously worked said he could not verify and I was then told by the new company they were forced to withdraw the offer, which of course had been contingent on my clearance being crossed over…
Do I have a recourse here? The FSO was sympathetic but not really helpful. I am just having trouble accepting that because the outdated system is not functional, there is no alternative, and the previous two years I worked there using my TS/SCI are for nothing. I welcome any thoughts. Thanks.

No. In the future, it’s best to not start a new position until you are 100% that you have the job and are cleared for it. Will your old job take you back?

Are you sure that they are not able to see your clearance/sci in DISS (JPAS) as well?

That’s not really an option. But I have interim work.

I think ACCS is what updates DISS. And the ACCS system went down before they could update it. I think my potential new job can see my status from April 2019, when I had a reinvestigation. For some reason ODNI wants to see that I was recently read off.

Yeah, that makes more sense now.
I know some contractors that had their clearance updated in DISS when granted, that’s why I was confused.

It’s weird that they won’t pick you up.
I’m not familiar with any of the processes, but DISS might only show eligibility and not access…
But even with eligibility only, you would think they could read you on really fast, regardless.

Hopefully some FSO can chime in here…