Address Change During Processing - Delay?

I’m in the process of trying to sell my home and I was just submitted for a TS. If I change my address while the clearance is processing, I intend to notify the individual managing the clearance submission process at my organization, but I’m wondering, will my clearance be delayed? If so, how significantly?

Thank you

Dkr it shouldn’t cause a significant issue. You can make your FSO aware when they make the submission for the investigation. Definitely make sure you tell the background investigator conducting your interview. Depending on how long it takes for your interview to be conducted it is even possible you will have a new permanent address by that time. Just make sure you tell them where you are currently laying your head every night and you can explain about the sale. The investigator will ask the appropriate questions once you fully disclose the situation.

I just wanted to add this, if you have already had the interview before you actually move to another address you shouldn’t have a problem in regards to the interview and adjudication portion. That information would be important for your next investigation.

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@Issuedetector, one more time, comments like this are not needed.

You have to admit marko, some of these questions border on absurd. I am just trying to be helpful and make folks really think. My approach is different than yours, but no less effective.