Got a Call Asking for Address

Currently waiting on a clearance for an office in the IC community, it is a direct hire role (fed).

I’ve been told from the get go the process can take 18-24 months. I have completed everything, as standard they have been pretty vague as to where I am, only saying that I am “awaiting security approval”, I’m about 21 months in.

Few days ago, I got a call from them asking if I updated my address and that security was asking for it. I had moved last year and reported it. They ended up finding the paperwork and said I’m all set and no action was needed on my part.

I wanted to know if anyone knew if this means anything, are they nearing the end and running final checks? Or as I have started to stress about now, are they asking for my current address to send me a denial? Any insight would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Honestly it does not mean anything…

FYI month month 15 into.process( for fed) .they called my to say i am.still.actively bring processed. all this even after being cleared as a TS FSP ( as contractor)

If it comes through its good else we know we are capable of better things I wont read much into these calls…

Hope this relieves your stress…

Thanks so much for your thoughts, I appreciate it. It’s just such a black hole at times I got worried that if they were asking for my address again it means they want to send me something and if they want to send me something via mail it must be bad (based off my readings off this site)

But again, like you said it could mean anything or nothing or just they were double checking or anything

I got a call in January asking for something they requested back in August. (Had it sent then, dont know how they lost it) I got it to them in a day, got a call saying nothing more was needed. Hoping this means someone is looking at my file…but then again, who knows.

I have never had anything come through in the time frame I was given. My experiences added about 50% more time. But I moved a lot and had other things they probably wanted to check on. My first check is the longest.

Aorobert that makes sense, yeah this is my first clearance, so I don’t know if that contributes to the wait time (because I’m new), it’s for TS/SCI

Just so you know not all mail is bad. I received an updated CJO with a $40k increase to sign and send back. I’ll gladly take one of those packages any week as long as a FJO eventually comes.

Most definitely. Everything has to be checked once, then in the future there will be notes on stuff that does not need to be re-verified. A little advice – SAVE YOUR NOTES! When you go to renew you want to make sure you use the same dates and locations as you did on the orignal application. Reporting you moved July 2012 and then on the renewal listing it as November 2012 will raise flags.