Awaiting clearance for TS/IC...

Good day all,

I am new to all of this (awaiting a clearance and blog discussions)…

My first question is an easy one: Is it ever a good idea to contact your local Senator or Congressman to see if they (he/she) can help facilitate information with respect to your clearance?


Applied- 9/2017
Interview- 12/2018
CJO- 2/2018
SF-86- 03/2018
Contacted by Applicant Processing in reference to missing info- 03/2018
Contacted by recruiter in reference to maternity leave- 05/2018


Anyone have an educated guess as to what is happening behind the scenes based on my timeline?

Thank you advance and I look forward to speaking and getting to know all of you during this process!

It’s never a BAD idea to contact your representatives, personally, unless you have a personal connection with them, I don’t think that it actually does any good. They can get you some detailed information about your current status but things will not move any faster. Just my opinion on that. You will get others.

On your timeline . . . I don’t think that you were interviewed in 12/2018. I’ll assume that was 12/2017 or 1/2018. Your recruiter or their FSO may be able to give you your status from JPAS. This will tell you if your investigation is still open or if you are in adjudication.

Unfortunately, I don’t see anything unusual in the time line and we have no idea if there is anything in your past that could cause an issue.

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Yes, that was a typo on my part 12/2017*.
I’ll get right to work on contacting my representatives!

I actually forgot to mention in the timeline that I did contact my recruiter in reference to where I was in the process…I was told that even they don’t know because of my “privacy…” and that I’m still (at the time) “currently processing.”

Thanks for the reply helpful info!

Hey, one more question (remember, I’m new to all of this…lol) if you may know the answer… how exactly would I know that my credit was checked my an BI?

I have this fraud prevention that is a free service from my car insurance. There it says the dates when my credit history was pulled. Other than that I would have no idea.

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Check your credit report, look at your soft inquiries, it would be listed there under employment

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Ok, thanks for the reply. I guess a I’ll check my Credit Karma to see.

Credit Karma won’t show a soft inquiry. You will have to pull a triple report.

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Ok, thanks Patriot. I guess I’ll be doing that.

Anyone know how it takes to be contacted by your BI?

Sorry . . . Somewhere between three and eighteen months?


Trey, from your timeline, it appears your sponsor did not complete the full EQIP submission until either 3/18 or 5/18 (though I have no idea why maternity leave would factor in anything). Your investigation begins when the ISP (normally NBIB) accepts your final submission - not when you initially hit the send key. Just for your knowledge.

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What are you apologizing for?.. You’ve been more than helpful…lol.

Thank you, @backgdinvestigator… I appreciate it.

As I’ve stated above, I did reach out to them in 4/18 for a status update and she informed me that (at the time), I was still currently processing; and that she couldn’t give me any more information than that for my privacy. She also added that, recruiters are only notified when the process is done.

With respect to the IC, there is very little or nothing that a Congressional representative can due to modify an Agency’s hiring decision.

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@backgdinvestigator and with respect to the maternity leave piece, she was just informing everyone that she’d be out of the office for a period of time.

@xenonman, Maybe I wasn’t clear… I wasn’t referring to that aspect at all, only if they could offer assistance in inquiring where I am in the process.

Also, I feel I need to make it clear that NBIB is NOT conducting my background investigation. The position is with the DOD/Federal position and they do their own investigation/adjudication… I hope this clarifies.

The title of this thread reads that you are awaiting TS from an IC agency. The DoD is not an IC agency. Also, if you are with the DoD, NBIB is in fact conducting your investigation.

In regards to your original question, I would advise being in contact with your company’s FSO so he/she can tell you exactly where you are in the process. A recruiter will not have access to this information.


I’m trying to NOT give the specific name of said agency. It is in fact an Intelligence Agency that falls under the umbrella of the DoD.