Adjudicated TS, Interim SCI

I recently came back into the military last September. My MOS requires a TS/SCI. The TS portion was adjudicated the following month in October 2022. I’m still waiting on the SCI portion to be adjudicated. I now have an interim SCI. Is this normal? What all is involved in the SCI portion of the investigation? Thanks

If you have a SIGINT or Cyber MOS, your access may need to be adjudicated by an IC agency before you can go to school or your first duty station. I’ve heard of military folks who were already cleared and briefed having to wait for additional review.

If that’s not the issue then I got nothin’ :roll_eyes:

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You may have to be read into certain SCI prorams sudh as TK SI, etc (you can google them) Once thats done and you sign off on them, you’ll be all set but thats also once your SCI portion is sent in to be adjudicated like mentioned above. Good luck!