Adjudication and credit checks

Hello all
I was just hoping for some possible insight or thoughts in regards to the adjudication / BI credit checks. I know they do not just look at the credit score, but look at everything. I’ve got pretty good credit, never late on bills, but pay some of my cards with the minimum or a little more than the minimum each month. My money in the bank is not as much as I want it to be, and I do have a couple cards I am paying off (prolly around 5k total). I do have a stable job and stable income. My question is, even though my credit is pretty good and I pay all my bills on time, would my finances be looked at as a negative because of the credit card bills and my bank account being on the lower end? My Background Investigator said it shouldn’t because I have a well paying job and pay all my bills on time not missing a payment, but who knows if he’s just saying that. Just wanted to get other thoughts. Thanks!

From my understanding, just making the minimum payment on a continuing basis can be cause for scrutiny. It is possible that the adjudicator may want some info on this point.

I think it is a good sign that the investigator was not too concerned with it. They probably see folks making minimum payments on much larger balances so maybe $5K is not a red flag, especially if the balance due is actually going down a bit each month.

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