BI investigation and credit cards

Hello. During my BI interview I was asked to list all my credit cards and the balances on them. At the time, one of my cards had a zero balance, which I stated. Since the interview though, I have added some balance to that card (my trip for the interview and expenses were put on it). I didn’t mention it during the interview that my expenses were put on that certain card. I do pay the card off in full each month, but I was wondering if they hold that against me if they do the credit checks and see a balance on there even though I said the card was at a zero balance? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Did you answer the question honestly and accurately as of the day you were asked? Then I think you are OK. The problem would be if they do a credit check and see something wildly at odds with what you told them.

I don’t recall having to provide this much detail for a regular BI or during an interview. Some people get into positions that require financial disclosure but that’s a whole 'nother beast.

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Thanks. Yup, at the time of my interview the card was at a zero balance, maybe give or take a couple meals. I was just a little worried because it slip my mind and I didn’t realize how much my expenses actually were for the whole interview process. The hotel itself ended up being 1k for the whole week. It worried that huge increase might raise a red flag or something

From what I understand, credit card balances become a concern when you have a fairly large balance running for several months and you’re making only the minimum payment… or none at all. So if you have a single month spike I don’t think it is the sort of thing they are really looking at.

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