Adjudicator Process


Are your finances ( Credit score, credit card usage, collections, and other monthly payments still being checked/monitored by the govt during the adjudication process?


Adjudicators only focus on the investigation files that were submitted to OPM ( No continuos monitoring of credit card usage?

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Adjudicators review all the investigative files. If they have additional questions, or want more info like evidence of payoff of a collection they will reach out to you. I don’t believe there is any continuous monitoring of your finances beyond the initial credit pull and additional information you provide.

Well, there is the new Continuous Evaluation program. I do not know exactly how it works but I suspect they will run a credit check every so often… annually? Every six months? Depending on your clearance/access?

If your credit score drops, will then they open up an investigation? Maybe just call you to discuss it? I don’t know… and I doubt there is much of a track record yet to really say how it works.

There are some very knowledgeable folks that contribute to these discussion, maybe one of them will update us.

When I was denied, initially, in July of 2017, my SOR included items from my credit report that had just been added in May of that year, almost 12 months after my initial application.

So they could very well have done a second credit pull? There’s probably no way to tell, but I suppose it could have been done during adjudication.

Makes sense. Always better to check right before approval so all the data is readily available. Finances are something people tend to get into trouble with very quickly and it should be an indicator to deny.

Is the adjudication period same as the approval period?

A friend had over $20K in credit card debt, school loan about $60K, and car payment. He still got his secret clearance.

I think the card usage is not important but your prompt payment? Correct?

What do you think or know as a fact?