After 3.5 years waiting...just got approved!

“I’m not sure why people think doing drugs is such a horrible thing and will prevent you from getting a clearance.”

" Well if you feel otherwise, let me be clear that you are a dinosaur."

From the same generation, no doubt, that thinks sitting in a small room, blowing water vapor in each others face, while chomping on a laundry detergent pod, is hip and “woke”.

Certainly makes homeschooling for my 4th kid look more and more inviting.


wow! I can see I am the only one who waited that long to finally got approved. I got mine after 3 years and 9 months.

3 years and 9 months!! Was yours a TS. Did you have issues in your packet like criminal history or debts?

Yes, it’s really weird. I had some medical bills but, all was cleared after the interview. I received a second visit because someone reported some lies about me and my business. I received the ITD. I appealed and submitted documentation. I totally forgot about the whole thing because it was getting too long. Until I received the favorable determination after due process. The security contact told me my HR was working on paperwork to send me the job offer. As of today, nothing and no response back from two emails. I decided to leave it alone.