Air Force Security Clearance Question and drug usage

I was recently offered a job that requires me to fill out SF86. I was open with my recruiter about my marijuana usage, I passed through medical no problem. Now moving forward I am 23, been clean from marijuana for over 2 years. When I was 18 I tried MDMA once at a musical festival, and figured it wasn’t for me. I did not disclose this to my recruiter as any usage is disqualifying he told me.

So I am going to be honest on my SF86 about all my drug usage, I am wondering if not disclosing the mdma to my recruiter can get me discharged from the military?

I don’t think that it will matter that you didn’t tell your recruiter about the MDMA use and two years clean on the marijuana should mitigate that . . . depending on your use.

You’re asking the wrong experts for your question. You have a fraudulent enlistment for the Air Force. You can either live the lie your whole career and hope you never get caught or you can be honest on the SF 86 and to the USAF and deal with the consequences


ADIP is correct on fraudulent enlistment. WIll they discharge for it? I have seen it happen. Of course if the recruiter told you the wink wink nudge nudge…this disqualifies you thing…stomp stomp…not unusual and they understand how impressionable a young person can be. Best to come clean, speak to it and then face whatever comes your way. Otherwise you compound the issue moving forward on the next SF86…because then you knowingly falsified information.

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