Any Chance to regain a clearance

How feasible is it to get a clearance back after it had been revoked? I had a top secret clearance with lifestyle polygraph for 15 years. Last March I did something stupid and had two misdemeanors for theft and served two weeks in jail. These events happened at the same time that my son said he wanted to be a woman and I found out about my wife’s affair. I know that these are not excuses and I have worked hard to turn myself around. I had a great reputation at the CIA.
II received a statement of reasons saying that I could apply again in November. I have an uncleared contract position opportunity at DHS and the company is asking me if I want to be put in for a clearance for a DoD top secret clearance. They don’t know about what happened to me at CIA,but I was wondering if this may be an opportunity for me. Before I take this job I would be truthful with my potential employers.
Thanks for any insight. I don’t know if there is any chance of having clearance again and I am planning my career around not having one.