Appeal withdraw

I had appealed for a denied security clearance review two years back, and have not heard anything. At this point I want to withdraw my appeal and close the case. There are no instructions found for withdrawing an appeal. does anyone have any insight on the subject.

It seems strange that your appeal would still be pending, It is assumed you submitted it in writing to the appeal authority. You should submit a written request to the same authority using certified mail, however, it is a mute point since two years have passed since you were denied and you are now able to just start the clearance process from scratch and hopefully the issue (s) that caused the denial are now mitigated.

Thank you so much for a quick response. Yes I had send them a written
appeal and received an acknowledgment of its receipt. My only concern was
that in my denial letter it said that I cannot be re-submitted while my
appeal is in review, and my new job may want to re-submit me for a SCI.
Worried if that rule only applies to a certain federal agency to which I
had applied or is it for all. How soon will my withdraw of my appeal ,
appear in the system?

It will not appear in any system. I think that it fell to the wayside. What will show in JPAS or SC or CVS is that you were denied eligibility and the date. Based on the date, as long as it is more than a year you can restart the clearance process from scratch. If this is not the case I would start with the legal department of teh agency that denied your clearance. Appeal decisions cannot be open ended!