Application for secret clearance change

Hi I’ve been in the processes for a security company who is sponsoring me for security clearance I signed a conditional offer of employement. The position they are having me go through the process for is on call part time expecting me to work still at my current employer fulltime.

My question is I submitted my application a few weeks ago to the OPM. This week I was approached with a tempting position with another company that would require me to leave my current employer (not the one sponsoring me through the process)

My question is if I applied to the other company with attention of still working part time at the sponsoring company and say got the positition how would that affect the application through the sponsoring company

Just so I got it right: you are currently employed full-time somewhere and are in the process for a security clearance with another employer for part time employment. Seeking full time employment with another company should not have any bearing on the part time employment and security clearance process as long as there is no conflict of interest and all involved are aware of the others.