Applying for law enforcement jobs while living in section 8 housing


I am so hoping that someone can help my family. My husband is retired military and is applying for a multitude of jobs in law enforcement in California. I am the sole supporter of my family and we are at a huge crossroads currently. We have four children and have been on the section 8 housing waiting list here in California for 9 years. Well our name has finally come up on the list and my husband is refusing to apply for our vouchers due to it affecting his close to perfect security clearances he has worked so hard for. He states that no agency will give him the time of day if his information is attached to living in section 8 housing. This decision is putting our family on the brink of separation as I can no longer afford to pay all the bills and truly need to apply for the vouchers. Will receiving section 8 housing assistance affect his security clearances for jobs in law enforcement?

Thanks for any help

Where one lives or the amount of rent or mortgage you pay has no bearing, unless you are living beyond your means with no income explaining how you are able to pay for it. Section 8 Housing has nothing to do with one’s ability to obtain or maintain a clearance. Not paying your bills most definitely does, and if you have joint debts with your spouse he is also liable.