Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

If I’m being honest, I have no idea if it helps. I’ve heard anecdotes of people sitting in limbo for a year who contacted a rep and suddenly saw movement. Who knows though.

I doubt it hurts. Worst case it doesn’t help. I can’t imagine you’ll be treated prejudicially because you asked a rep for help.

The only thing i’m worried about is this. When I contacted the government agency for an update, I was transferred to a specific divison where my case was being handled. They told me all inquiries should come from my FSO. The next day my FSO said hey I was told you contacted the agency directly, you should be contacting me, all further communication should come through me. So, if I then go to a congress person and that information trickles down to the FSO, I feel like they could be not so eager to hire me seeing as i’m jumping the chain of command. I don’t know, just brainstorming…

I see what you’re saying. My case is a little different. I’m a contractor and I’m currently working with my Interim. I don’t have to worry about pissing my FSO off and getting my offer rescinded.

Prudence might be more warranted in your situation.

Here is my timeline for a T5 (P-RI).

late 12/2017 - Received notification from my employer to submit my PRI documents.
early 02/2018 - Submitted my forms to my employer who submit my forms in EQIP.
late 03/2018 - Notified by my employer that my forms were submitted.
06/2018 - Contract bought out by a new company as directed by the government; Converted to new contract employee (no other option at the time).
07/2018 - Government finally reviewed my submitted documents and said to re-submit my forms due to contract being bought out and have a new employer. WTF !?!?! Still not assigned an investigator.
late 07/2018 - Working with security in resubmitting my updated forms.

What I hope to happen:
Fall 2018 - Assigned an investigator and investigation begins.
Summer 2019 - Investigation is concluded.
Fall 2019 - Adjudicated phase and decision is made.
Christmas 2019 - P-RI concluded and clearance renewal is approved :slight_smile:

Man, I went 10 MONTHS without getting a BI interview. I submitted my EQIP in September of 2017, I have record that they received everything from my future employer 3rd week of September when I filed the first week, and from then it took them until the last week of June 2018 to set up a BI interview for the first week of July.

You have a LONG ways to go. There’s a good chance you’ll get interviewed earlier than me (hell, a good friend who is a reference on my forms who filled out his stuff not 6 months before me) got his completed in ten months.

I was already interviewed, both for the subject interview and a follow up interview where I had to show the investigator my medication. I spoke to several references and almost none of them says that they were contacted. They only person I’m aware of that that they spoke to was my supervisor.

You’ve had more movement post-interview than me. Your inquiry was definitely premature.

6 weeks without anything happening is normal. You’re already moving faster than most people.

I’ve been watching this thread since 7 months prior to submitting my SF-86, so now that I finally am done, I figured I’d share my timeline to help out others. Note, I did have multiple things on my SF-86 that you could consider negatives (expunged arrests, past marijuana usage). So if you have some things you’re putting down that may delay, but probably won’t deny the clearance, mine may be more accurate for you.

Submitted: 6/2017
Interim denied: 11/2017
Contacted senator first time: 2/2018
Interview: 3/2018
Friends interviewed: 3/2018, 4/2018, 5/2018
Investigator followed up with more questions: 5/2018
Went into adjudication: late 6/2018
Granted: late 7/2018

A couple additional notes:

During March and April I called to follow up with the senator’s office about every 3 weeks.

During May, June, and July, I was calling every week to week and a half.

Total days end to end was 414, total days for adjudication was 31

The senators office is very helpful for speeding up opm/nbib and updating you on where you’re at in the process. The only movement I saw was always the Monday following contacting the senator the previous week.

The senators office cannot speed up DoD during adjudication.

The senators office can (and did) find out the clearance is granted faster than your FSO and allow you to push the FSO on it and get it (functionally speaking) faster

Mine was for secret, working in industry

My state is smaller than most, so the senators office may have had more resources to devote per person (having as many resources as every other state, the largest ones included). I contacted both senators and my representative. One senator was more effective than the other but both were effective. My representative was not at all (less resources I assume).

Good luck to those that are waiting! To me, it felt good to know I was having an impact on speeding it up, even if it was slow. Plus, if everyone reading this forum contacts their senators, they’re gonna be getting A LOT of communication that this process is messed up. And hopefully that can do something to improve the process down the road.

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Its been nearly 2 years. Not even an interview yet.

I certainly am seeing a similar timeline as you. I submitted 2.5-3 months later than you did, so I guess it’s safe to assume I have at least another month or two to go.

I also did contact my congressman late May/early June, and actually got a letter back saying that he’s pressed all relevant groups to speed up my case. Shortly before the date he says he received it, I was FINALLY contacted by the BI for an interview.

It seems as though he interviewed my references very quickly however. He contacted two of them and interviewed them both within the same week. No idea if he’s gonna contact more.

When he followed up for more questions, what were they pertaining to if you don’t mind me asking? The arrests?

I’m starting to think that i should contact my congressman after seeing all these posts. Sf submitted in March 17, got turned down for my interim in July 17. Two old employers were sent surveys in Aug and nothing until my interview March 18. I’ve heard nothing since then.

I’ve been waiting for over 700 days. Radio Silence.

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I have no clue how you’re still sane. I’m losing my mind at around 300 days.

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The people mine chose to interview were all over the country so they had to send separate investigators for each one.

The follow up questions he had were to clarify things I stated in the interview and on the form, mostly. But there was a line of questioning indirectly related to the arrests. From what I can tell they act like they don’t really care whether you were arrested or not, and whether or not the charge stuck you with a lasting record or whether it was expunged. It’s more about the behavior that caused the arrest and how that affects your ability to hold a clearance. A word of caution that really applies to the whole process, do not lie or even stretch the truth. If they ask you a follow up question, especially. Right after I responded, he asked for multiple references who can attest to my behavior related to those questions. He didn’t actually contact them, but I suspect he would have if he was unsure of my response.

Yeah, that seems to line up with my experience as well. For me, it was occasionally smoking pot in College that the BI was interested in. He did exactly as you described, contacted some references to clarify what I said in terms of my behavior. Those references ended up being 2/3 of the “people who know you very well” listed in my EQIP but I don’t think that’s a problem.

I’m just trying to see how soon I could get pushed into adjudication.

I am at the beginning of this long process for a TS SCI to be a contractor for an IC agency. I have never held a clearance before, I am entry level, and I am in the DMV. Here is my timeline:

3/8/18- Recieved CJO
3/14/18- FSO sent me JPAS login info
3/26/18- Released SF86 to FSO
3/28/18- Re-released SF86 with edits
4/23/18- Gov added me to eCPRL post funding approval delay
7/18/18- Email from Agent to FSO
7/19/18- FSO fwd email to me with questions
7/20/18- I sent answers to Agent

The agent clarified that my investigation has not technically started yet, but he/she was just gathering extra info to supplement my SF86 (mostly about international travel). OPM is not conducting my investigation, but my FSO is able to call the agency directly to get updates about my case, which is good I suppose. Is anyone else in a similar situation to me in the sense that OPM is not doing their investigation? I wonder if this will be quicker or slower.

I am also wondering if anyone has dealt with their current employer finding out about their clearance investigation and then letting them go? I’ve read this entire thread and see some people have lost promotions because of it, but is it legal for a company to let you go? I asked the agent about how they contact employers, and he/she told me they would add a note in my packet to please contact me before contacting my company so I can give specific contacts, but it is at the discretion of the BI. I can’t be the only person who has been in this pickle, why would my company keep me knowing I intend on leaving? What other company would hire me in the mean time? I am not positive how my company would react, but I did not plan on putting my two weeks in until I have a start date once clearance process is over.

I also know two other recent grads in the area who are direct hires for this IC agency. Both are TS SCI, and one of their clearances was completed in 6.5 months flat as of this past week, and the other is moving lightening fast as well. The second accepted his job offer mid June and already has his poly scheduled for next week. Both are completely different positions.

I don’t know how you guys stand it.

TS/SCI direct hire position for an IC agency, 800 days since application, 700~ days since CJO, 450 since two polys, 350 in adjudication. No priors; just experimental drug use with nothing too serious (no coke, heroin, meth, oxys). It sucks to know that there are people out there who lied about drug use and probably got through faster because they’re “squeaky clean.”

The process is utterly demoralizing.


How long ago was your mild drug use?

I’be only been waiting about 5 months… maybe I should stop complaining/worrying.