Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Many of us have been waiting for quite some time. You can scroll up and read others time lines. I am counting business days and I am well over 280 says for TS/SCI...Hang in there its gonna be a long wait....


What is this freedom information I keep hearing about? Is their a number you can call to check your statues without going through your fso?


@dedwards1987 Yes. Call 7247945612 Ext 7000. You will be asked your verifying infos and then ask for the status of your application. REMEMBER: Only if your investigation is through OPM.


So you had to fill out a form to get your statues? Someone can't tell me over the phone?


So I called the freedom information act number and they told me my investigation closed Dec 10. So now the decision is in the hands of the DOD? What is the next step in this process?


@dedwards1987 Although I'M not expert in the subject, i think what it means is the investigation is completed & closed. Your file could be in line for the adjudication. The good part is you can now request a copy of your investigation file via privacy act.


@kjpiazza! Thank you for the information. I'm fully buckled up & ready for the long ride.


Agreed with Sigad. The way @marko.hakamaa has described it is that the investigation is completed, and then you get to the DoDCAF's adjudication system. From my understanding, just because the investigation closes does not mean adjudication begins immediately. Rather, you're in a pool and the adjudicators get assigned cases randomly from the pool (I'm sure there is some algorithm used, but that's a secret).

From adjudication, I think that the adjudicator can give a thumbs up, thumbs down, or request more information. Marko has stated plainly that adjudicators have 90 days to make a decision after being assigned your case.


Thanks so much for that info @groundhog


Hope your processing is going well, Did anyone contact you? What about credit check? I'm still waiting and there is no update yet. Planning to contact FSO within couple of days to get an update.


04/07/2015: SF86, investigation open (days before OPM was hacked)
Aug 2015: Interview
My security clearance reps told me that once my clearance goes into OPM they can no longer track its progress (True or False?). They were able to get an update in Dec of 2015 and we were told it was moving at a normal pace. Complete silence for the last year. Security Reps said 40 clearances from 2015 that still have not closed out within our organization alone.
I’ve checked my credit report every 6 months or so and I have not seen any credit checks that might be related to my re-investigation. I do not think my references have been contacted. I also have not received an SOR or any indications that something is wrong…
My background: in 2013 I was newly married to a foreign spouse but from a non-suspicious & FVEY country. I did go through all the appropriate approval processes prior to getting married (assuming my security clearance reps added to my file correctly). No financial issues, arrests, or traffic tickets.
These delays are keeping me from pursuing opportunities in which I am highly interested. I am considering leaving government employment as I do not think my clearance will ever be complete- is it possible for an investigation to never close out and be adjudicated? Is it possible my file is lost or fell behind a filing cabinet? Any advice?


If you can find an attractive opportunity, go for it.

Periodic reinvestigations seem to be the worst. We have a number of people where I work who have been waiting three years for the PR to be finally adjudicated. We are all still "active" but we are kinda trapped.

The situation has gotten so bad that the government says to submit TS holders for their PR after six years instead of five. This gives me a chance of being finally adjudicated before I have to submit my next update.


@groundhog -- You mention that @marko.hakamaa has stated that adjudicators have 90 day deadline to make a decision after being assigned a case. Would you be able to direct me to one or more of those source posts? I'm working with a clearance consultant on my case,

23SEP15 [sic] - OPM Pre-investigation requested
07OCT15 [sic] - OPM began ANACI
07NOV16 [sic] - Requested assistance from congressional representative
28DEC16 [sic] - OPM investigation miraculously completed, 45 days after congressman requested status of NBIB; (interestingly, exactly 10% of the 450 days the investigation was in NBIB's court)
29DEC16 [sic] - File and RFA transmitted to DoD CAF for adjudication
Today: 63rd day of awaiting adjudication results. No requests from CAF for supplementary info.

and after 1y, 4m, 3w and 5d (aka, "512 days"), believing that the CAF may have at least some impetus to SOGOTP sometime in the next 27 days is pretty seductive. The consultant, a very respected contributor to all of the sites that those of us waiting search, isn't aware of any 90 day clock, and would like to check out its source. Any assistance you may be able to provide would be sincerely appreciated.



The term 90 days is for the fastest 90% of cases that would not require additional follow-ups, statements of reason, or other correspondence. This Federal Investigative Notice is a starting point, but note that many scenarios and exceptions are out there that would trump this guidance:


Mr. Hakamaa,

Thank you kindly for contacting me, and for your response.

It would appear to me then that the "90-day period" cited by @groundhog actually denotes a goal for adjudication processing, rather than a hard-and-fast rule that upon reaching, would 'force' an adjudicator to wrap up–or else justify why s/he had not done so. If I am correct in this, it likely is a misunderstanding that many of us Hopefuls might best be dissuaded from grabbing onto.

Thank you again very much for your time.

With regards,


Could be but I'm sure that individual adjudicators are pressured to meet that goal. As for dropping everything at the 90 day mark and making a call yes-or-no, I very much doubt that but nothing would surprise me at this point.


Still no updates as far as I am aware for me.


I'm not sure about individual cases, but I think I might have some insight into why there is a huge backlog.

I was a FTE and then contractor for Keypoint. I'm a conscientious and hard worker and was able to knock out a lot of work. Sometime around 2013-14 the company changed drastically and became obsessed nickel and diming workers. They cut out the car program, effectively did away with the bonus program, and started cutting corners any way they could. They shortened the artificial deadlines known as ACDs and decreased the flexibility in pushing back this date. Meanwhile they became more draconian in enforcing all this and increased pressure on investigators. As a result, as a contractor, I simply reduced the amount or work I did (by ~70%). And when I got crap about not making an ACD a few times (b/c a Source or Subject was sick), I, like other experienced and hardworking investigators, just threw in the towel.

Keypoint doesn't give a sh*t and I've even heard some management people threaten investigators about performance by bragging that they don't have a problem filling the seats in training each month. Anyone who has worked in this field knows that it takes two years in the job before an investigator knows the job. This is common wisdom I heard from numerous people. So the product of inexperienced investigators and the culture of threats has no doubt destroyed both quality and production. Could you imagine building houses with workers who've only spent a couple weeks in a classroom and a couple weeks shadowing or being shadowed? But even with the barebones checklist OPM investigations, which are kind of like requiring only a door, a roof, and a couple of windows, with totally inexperienced workers you'll have problems making even the house stand up on its own.


It takes two years if they expect people to do a quality job.

If they don't care about quality, just throw bodies at it.


The snowdens and the like will continue to make it through...with this kind of know the rest.