Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Wow thats weird, I submitted mine in August 2016 as well and my boss got the letter a little over a month later with that questionnaire.


Progress update on delay timeline.

Submitted SF86 August 17th 2016
Credit and current manager VOE early mid Nov 2016
JPAS system update Nov 14th 2016
Feb 14th 2017 interview with investigator...
More to follow..

Good news is it shows movement...


Not to sound repetitive but thought I would share my timeline again in case anyone is interested.

Background: TS/SCI
SF86: January 2016
Interview: March 2016
References: March 2016 (pretty sure mostly all contacted)
Investigation closed with OPM: (whatever that means) October 2016
Today: Radio Silence.......


How did you find out the date your investigation closed?


Good question. I actually dont know the exact date or really what month I assumed October because I check in every
Month with HR. Was told closed by vendor but awaiting investigative results. Very confusing.


Perhaps they saw the date in JPAS... just wondering if you found out some other way.


Appreciate your input! What type of time frames have you seen lately with TS/SCI?


2016 investigation time periods

Here's a link from above on current timelines. It's difficult to say how long your case might take. DMV is apparently super backlogged, though it has tons of cleared personnel living in that area so that does not help.


Hello all,

i have been reading the blog for a while and was hoping maybe someone can give me some insight or advice for my situation.

I sent in my SF-86 for a Secret clearance as a contractor for the DOD on may 24th 2016. Since then i have not received ANY update. No credit pull and no one has been contacted. I reach out to my FSO and they say JPAS says my status is pending. When i call the freedom hotline it also says that my investigation is pending. Background wise, i have never left the country, no drug history, no criminal history, and no credit issues. I am a US born citizen and don't see why my process is taking so long to hear anything at all. Has anyone else around this timeline seen this delay?

Thank you again for your time



Based on what I've read here, on another forum, and what I'm seeing at work, your situation is not unusual. You say you sent in an SF-86; did you actually send in a form? Some agencies have stopped using eEQIP and went back to the good old SF-86.

Insight or advice I have none except to say you are not alone in this crummy situation.


That's pretty much what I'm experiencing. 6 months into the T3 investigation and 14 months since the clearance process started. The 2nd year of my contract expires in 10-1/2 months and I doubt I'll even have the interim by that time. This whole process has left me with a bad impression so I'm lining up work outside the defense industry.


The situation you describe sounds exactly like where I work. I'm at 14 months and holding and getting antsy about moving on outside of the defense industry. There are opportunities arising that don't require a clearance and they're looking better with every passing month.


I see interims being granted where I work but only after the investigation has been completed.


This certainly sounds like my reality. I'm currently at ~160 days into T3 so I guess I have a long wait ahead.


I submitted by eQIP for a Secret clearance in the second half of November, 2016. After three months of straight radio silence I decided to email my FSO last week and to my disappointment, DSS apparently hasn't even forwarded my application to OPM yet. Apparently my eQIP is technically timed out with zero days left on the counter for opening it but DSS told my FSO in a message that DSS will continue to send the timed out applications to OPM even after timeout.

My FSO told me last November that it took about 6 months end-to-end for secret clearances to process from what they were seeing. I am beginning to think that is looking way too optimistic.

Prepare for a long wait...


Freedom hotline? What is that?


@tonys I wonder how many hundreds of other people are thinking the same thing. Of course the ones with top skills will be the most likely to find something else. Which could benefit toads like me in the end :grin: but doesn't help the national defense.


So I received an update on my investigation today and I don't understand it at all so maybe someone can shed some light.... I have a current secret clearance and I am undergoing a T2S MRPT investigation.... my agency reached out to OPM and requested an update... OPM stated everything is completed as of 2 months ago and they are waiting to receive and review my previous investigation... OPM completed my previous investigation, so how are they waiting to receive it? It is mind boggling that they have waited 2 months to "receive" an investigation OPM completed


@sbusquirrel I'm sure many of us hanging in limbo are looking elsewhere. For those lucky enough to have snagged clearances, there's a definite sense of job security at my place and they're commanding large signing bonuses when they turn from contractor to employee. Fortunately, there's plenty of unclassified work at my location that should last for the rest of my current contract. What makes me and the other uncleareds nervous is the final month of our contracts when we don't know if we'll be renewed or shown the door. As for the national defense, it's our government creating the problems. Our classified contracts are grossly understaffed and we've pretty much sucked in all the available cleared personnel in our region.


Here is my timeline folks. Been on silent mode for a while so let me share my experience:
8/23/2016: SF86 electronically submited for TS/SCI
9/6/2016: Attended finger print
9/7/2016: POLYGRAPH
9/8/2016: CIS interview
Then silence for weeks
10/27/2016 Subject interview with OPM investigator
Followed by 3 weeks of back to back visit by the investigator to my places of work, residences, schools & neighbors.
11/16/2016 investigator gave a courtesy call "I finished your field investigation on my side "
Almost 6 months since SF86 submission & nearly 4 months since the subject interview but SILENCE....
Called the freedom information line for status twice
1st time: Pending determination
After a month: In Progress
And nothing ever since..... any clue what that might mean or how many more months to sit back & watch? Thank you.