Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


@sbusquirrel LOL -- I understand. If it helps any, the people I know in the system for Secret and TS are coming in right around the marks @marko.hakamaa provided above. I think nearly spot on for Secret and slightly shorter (30-40 days) for TS. Both are for uncomplicated investigations (from what they told me and seemingly the life they have led from what I know).

So, I think it's calendar days, but to be honest, I have not seen in written in stone yet. That is why I asked.


Just released info shows the following:
FY 2015 Secret took 95 days, TS took 179
FY 2016 Secret took 166 days, TS took 246. No word as to work days or calendar. So I presented that to an investigator coming to meet with an employee tomorrow. He had no clue.

More to follow.


I have been waiting an awfully long time since my periodic investigation closed to get the final adjudication, but the investigation itself actually went fairly quickly from the time I submitted the eQIP to the date shown in JPAS as when the OPM investigation closed... maybe about 90-100 days and that includes the Christmas-New Year holiday.


On, it was stated that the methodology to counting the days for those statistics was from the date of the submission to the date of final adjudication, meaning they are calendar days.


I read elsewhere that it was business days, which to me seems more the case considering I am nearly at 250 calendar days (about 170 business) for a Secret and I have yet to do my interview, nor have any of my references been contacted. 220 business days would roughly be 11 months and when notified by HR that my interim was bypassed, I was told that Secret was roughly taking 9-10 months to come back.


The report shows the overall average number of days the fastest 90 percent of the cases were closed and identified as complete. The investigations timeliness is measured from the case receipt date to the date the hard copy investigations are mailed or the date of the agency receipt confirmation for electronic results.

Can you provide your source? I wouldn't doubt it I'm just curious to read it.


How many days was it to hear about your interim? Or, did they request one for you?


Im currently waiting on a interim as well. I was contacted by my human resource department and they said that it is averaging 5 months to receive an interim from the day it was submitted to the government..


FIVE MONTHS for an INTERIM??? :dizzy_face:Kinda defeats the whole point of an "interim" clearance if you ask me.


That's very true. Definitely defeats the purpose. But, it is in line with the 16 weeks that I have gathered from this forum. Especially if that is the average.

If there is anything we can crunch from this data, we can assume 3-6 months. I am at just about 3 months.

When mine comes through either granted or denied, I will be sure to update this thread with my time-frame. My SF86 is clean.


I had submitted my SF86 on Nov 22, and when I contacted my SFO he said, they didn't see any status yet. I'm on my third month since my submission. According to the blog, it is taking 14-16 weeks to get Interim. Also, they didn't pull my credit or contacted my employer either. Only relief is I'm within the time line. Any thoughts.......


I submitted mine on Nov 4 and my SF86 wasn't even released until Feb 1. I'd have to check again but as of Feb 1 it still hadn't been sent to OPM. So, I don't know what's happening in your investigation, but it very well could be a similar situation.


Thanks for sharing your experience. It took 12 week for releasing your case. So I'm still within the time period. Have to wait and see when they are going to release my SF86. I had SECRET clearance before, but I left the contract 3 years back, and they are doing my clearance from scratch.


Took me 3 months for a credit check after submitting SF86 for Secret Clearance


Here's my situation to give you guys a idea on wait times. Prepare yourselves, it's going to take awhile.
Feb 2016 submitted my sf86 and finger prints. Roughly 3 months later my boss, references and credit was checked. Mid July 2016 had interview with the inspector. Was told everything is down hill from here and should hear something in a couple weeks. We'll it's Feb 2017 now and still haven't heard anything. My secret clearance is still eligibility pending. Credit is fair with some late payments but all were paid off. Owe back taxes but have a monthly payment plan. Clean record, never been in trouble with the law and no drugs. Moved alot in my adult life being a contractor after the military, so my last 10 yrs of residency was quit lengthy.
Be patient folks. That's what I've been told by my fso for the past 12 months


Possibly the most complex issue is that because you've moved a lot in the last few years, they'll have to assign multiple investigators. If your financial issues are as you say, it should come out OK but they'll want to look at it closely.

One issue that could also attract scrutiny is the taxes. If they think you only started working to clear up the issue after you got the job (the one that requires a clearance) they may take a dim view of that.


Jeez man I feel for you... I've been eligibility pending since October. And your employer is still sponsoring you? Do they have you doing non-cleared work in the meantime?


I have figured that is why my investigation is taking so long. My worry is my taxes as well and I hope it isn't a burden. Hopefully my experience can help others and give them a brief idea of what to expect. Thankyou for your input. I appreciate it


I guess so, I email my fso about every 3 months and that's what he tells me. I haven't heard anything about them giving my offer to someone else , so my assumption is I'm still sponsered. And no I don't do non cleared work for them.


Just to contribute to the timeline here, a colleague of mine submitted his SF86 back in August 2016 for a Secret clearance for a military contractor. It took about 2-3 months before I received one of his letters covering his background check (Since I was his previous manager).

Since then he hasnt had any contact or followup that I know of, which is very unfortunate since hes been out of work since then. He has recently told me that another colleague of his took 9 months to get clearance for the same position.

It seems like such a substantial impact on the these people waiting to get to work, I hope this all gets gets cleared up ASAP.