Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


That would be awesome, 6 months for me is soon but I haven’t had a subject interview and aside from my previous bosses I haven’t heard about anyone being contacted yet. :frowning:


Hi opamp, i received clearance approval in april.good luck


@bhushanrele Awesome! So 15 months in DODCAF adjudication? Did they ever reach out to you asking for more info?


hi opamp, no, did not have any correspondence with DODCAF after my interview.


In my experience, applicants’ skills, aptitude, enthusiasm, and interest all run a very poor second to “security” concerns.


I got the job offer in Oct 17, fill out my paperwork for secret clearance Nov. 17. I had an investigator come up to my current work place to go over my paperwork in Feb 18 and she said it has been taking 3-6 months from that step until I should hear something. July 18 and so far I have heard nothing and nobody I have used as a reference has been contacted. This for a DOD DLA job.


Investigators should never offer timelines for completion of cases to Subjects. The investigators and agents, don’t have all of the information, know how long other fieldwork will take, nor do they control the national agency checks, all of which are crucial to your specific timeline.


What dId you learn from your contact? Is it serious, like a Department wide block?


Unfortunately, this sad fact has inevitably proven true in my case.
Of course it does not help that IC recruiters are generally never on the same page as the IC’s Offices of Security about the respective agencies’ vetting processes.


Just to share my story of waiting,
My timeline:
March 7th, 2017: SF86 was submitted
May 11th,2017: Investigation opened
End of May, 2017: I am not sure of the exact day, but I know that at least one of my previous employers was contacted.
July 19th, 2017: Interim granted
June 27th, 2018: Contacted congressman
July 2nd, 2018: I was told they made an inquiry on my behalf to OPM and would keep me updated.

Here’s to hoping I will get cleared sometime this year.


Thanks for sharing…


After having my case sent to adjudications in May, I’m still waiting on a clearance for a summer 2018 internship. The deadline is the 13th, and I can’t get in touch with diplomatic security–nobody has picked up the phone, and nobody has responded to my emails. I’ve contacted my congressman’s office. Not sure what to expect at this point.


Did you start the job with an Interim?


Yes, there was unclassified work that I have been doing. I have been working for my sponsoring agency since applying last year


Since my investigation went out of scope. I had to unfortunately start a new one. But it seems to be moving quickly. May be because my most recent completed investigation was 2 years ago.
For TS

Timeline so far:
May 15, 2018: Submit eQIP SF-86
May 31, 2018: Investigation opened
July 10, 2018: Background investigation interview
July 11, 2018: One of my references contacted

Hoping to get cleared this year and they can take some of my old information for the new background investigation.


Who is Schulte? Not familiar with that case.


Was still hoping we could get some updated information on some adjudication timelines.


I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do.


I’ve heard from two sources that things were humming along fairly well last year but ran into serious problems late in the year into early this year. If I had to guess, some combination of leakers and budget issues problems.

I also see a TON of job openings for investigators, so it looks like there is definitely an effort being made to cut down the backlog before it starts to become even more ridiculous.


Hello All,

I have been lurking in these threads for some time now, so figured I would add my timeline in to show everyone else there is hope! I was just notified that my T5PR with an IC organization has completed. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, except I was extremely unlucky and fell into a Loss of Jurisdiction (JPAS) due to a job with the DoD ending in the middle of my PR, resulting in it getting discontinued last year. No red flags or anything, just no sponsor, so haven’t been using the TS/SCI since last year. Like I said, bad luck. I was able to get it restarted with the IC Org, below is the timeline:

Nov 17: Fill out paper SF-86 and forms, return to sponsor company, they submit to customer.
Feb 18: Contacted by a case scoper to verify something, the next week contacted by investigator for interview.
March 18: Interview with Investigator, references contacted, employment contacted.
April-June 18: Various recontacts with investigator over stupid little details in my case, nothing serious.
June 18: Notified by Lead Investigator that the case had closed and was sent to customer.
July 18: Notified by sponsor company security that the T5PR was complete/adjudicated.

***Note- I was told by my investigator that I was an expedite, so take that for what it’s worth.

Hang in there!!