Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


I got back my electronic request to NBIB within 25 days. It was literally one page and the only thing it said was “OPM Assessment: F - No Issues - Level 1 review.”

Can anyone tell me what that means? Hoping it might shed a little light on my current adjudication process.


This is becoming too much to handle. I don’t know how much longer I can cope.


At month 11 for a secret…

Wrote a letter to my congressman in June, was interviewed FINALLY first week of July, two references interviewed the week after, and nothing since. No update on whether or not I’m in adjudication or if the investigation is complete yet.


Be patient, you are almost there. Quite likely you are about to head to adjudication and, at least for DOD, they have been pretty quick as of late to adjudicate.

I was just over exactly 1 year for my dod secret.


Yep, it’s for DOD. That’s what I figured but a year for secret seems insane. What’s nuts is I know people who filled out paperwork only 6 months before me, and got their clearances quicker. Similar backgrounds, too.


Journeyman, are you a contractor or GS? Just submitted my reinvestigation background paperwork this week for GS. Not looking forward to the waiting game.


Not to make you even more angry but I know someone who was cleared in just 4 months.

It really just depends on who picks up your investigation, their workload (and to some extent work ethic) and how well you filled out the SF-86.

My friend who got his in 4 months listened to all my suggestions and I helped guide him on exactly how to answer some of the trickier stuff about his travels. He didn’t even get interviewed. Straight through.


Welcome to the club! lol


I’m always reading everyone’s comments and figured I would add my own experience. I am currently waiting on DoS Secret. It’s for a job under WPPS working overseas. I have held other clearances with DoD, and my last DoD clearance expired just under three years before I submitted SF-86 for DoS clearance. Not a lot changed in that time from DoD to DoS, so my SF-86 didn’t change much from what was previously saved. Here is a rough estimate of my process so far.

DEC 2017- BIO for position submitted to DoS and SF 86 submitted to the employer.
MAR 2018- BIO approved by DoS.
9 MAY 2018- Interim is denied.
18 MAY 2018- Interview with the investigator.
21 JUNE 2018- follow up questions and informed my clearance was in the adjudication process.
17 JULY 2018- My employer checks on clearance and informed it’s still in adjudication.
10 AUG 2018- I emailed DoS and I’m told its in adjudication and there is no approximate date of completion.

I have been royally irritated by the process but it’s nice to have this site and see it could always be worse.


How do you know credit is pulled? Do you have an alert with each credit report and is the inquiry a hard or soft pull?


Contractor, DoD. The waiting is going to be awful.


Seems like my guy is very by-the-books… We didn’t even clarify much during our conversation outside of the admitted occasional marijuana usage in college.


You have to order your credit report, the pull is a soft inquiry.


I started BI last summer and completed two polys in November. Nothing until last week when I received a call to schedule a follow-up interview. Was told this is usually a good thing as they are nearing a decision. He told me the follow up interview is a half day and purpose is to discuss my paperwork that has already been submitted.
Does anyone know what the purpose of this meeting is and what I should do to prepare? Is this a potential tense meeting like the poly or something much more relaxed?


I sent FOIA to appropriate agency for request. I received documentation with investigative data. I am told DOHA will be in touch soon for SCI regarding my poor history. Does this seem right?


IC Direct Hire Timeline

March 2018: Interview
April 2018: Accepted
May 2018: SF86 Submitted
July 2018: Reviewed SF86
August 2018: Medical poly psych

And now we wait.


If that’s who I think it is with, prepare for a long wait - at the very least another year. More likely, you’re looking at another 18 months before on-boarding unless you have some very specialized skills.


So I’ve been reading the comments in the forum, here’s my story, maybe it’ll make sense to someone.

I’ve had a DOD TS/SCI for over 14 years while in the military. I was recently medically retired in April, but had applied to jobs beforehand because disability won’t pay the bills. One job opportunity fell through due to there being a flag in JPAS, which I have no idea what for as I’ve been a good boy. I sent a FOIA request to NBIB in April and received a reply mid May stating that my reinvestigation hadn’t been initiated until May 2nd even though the company had submitted the request in January. I spoke to a rep at NBIB that said there was no flag in JPAS. Today, Aug 14th, I received a call from a new employer that there is a flag in JPAS. I’m really trying to get to the bottom of this as this is the job I’ve been trying to get for nearly a year but no agency will give me any clue as to what is going on. The bills are starting to pile up, local part time/full time jobs are hesitant to hire me due to being “over qualified”. What is going on?


I just received an email from my previous unit SSO. She stated that there was a pending incident report from DOD CAF dated 25 May, 41 days post retirement. She added that there was no DA 5248 initiated at the battalion level and strongly advised me to contact the brigade SSO.


I don’t know how people keep there sanity during all this… My investigation has been open 2 weeks, it’s for a secret/confidential renewal. They posted quarterly averages that investigation for secret renewal is about 111 days for investigation part of it… hoping that’s the case, but it seems so many have 1-2 years plus.